Frenetic Spirals, a new Psygone release

The new 2021 single by Psygone is released to the world of goa trance. The new track is a fresh taste of how Psygone sounds in 2021, a year where everything crazy can happen out there in the world. New president in the states, Covid19, fighting against vaccines worldwide. But still, almost everything is locked down tight, and no one knows exactly when they get their normal life back as it was before Corona showed its ugly face. 

Frenetic Spirals is also a fresh take or a different intake proving that it's very much now we´re living and embracing the freedom we have. Psygone loves playing with, melodies and this release is no different. The sound is shaped and sounds more like the old days where Optimystique was on every Goa trance lover's libs. He tries to blend all the oldskool vibes with how Psygone sounds in a contemporary matter.

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Every sound is made from a mix of hardware and software. One of the synths heavily used is from Kilohearts in Sweden and their fantastic softsynth Phaseplant. Psygone explains that Phaseplant opened new doors and was instantly added to his weapons choice. Most effects, leads, and pads are made solely in Phaseplant, while bass and arp sounds come from Hardware like Moog and Korg and even his old JV1080, which delivered many sounds in his early work - yes, it's the very same machine sitting in his rack. 

The single is composed and produced inside Steinberg's Cubase Pro 11, his main DAW - Frenetic Spirals released 22.01.21