A new beginning

"A New Beginning" is an ambient release with more profound thoughts and a fraction of personal history attached to the whole vibe. After releasing the first series of ambient tracks, "Imaginary Circuits," I was suddenly facing myself standing in the middle of a severe breakup from my former partner and friend after 19 years of relationship.

Despite the personal journey, this piece is all about letting go and rebooting. The positive waves of lush-sounding happiness should take you as the listener to another place. It's brighter than "Imaginary Circuits," maybe a sign from a distance without me sounding too religious about it. 

These ambient pieces are all created with a clear perspective in mind, like a timestamp of that very moment where the creative part starts. That could be on a hiking trip, recording the gentle sounds of what I'm exploring in that particular moment. Getting back to the studio and wiring an unusual sound on my modular setup is the next crucial part of the experience. 

"A New Beginning" came about this way. I felt an instant gratification of finally being free to do whatever I felt amusing or personally appealing. This soundscape took me to a place where everything starts at zero and only flows one way, and that's forward without glancing back at the dirt road left behind. A taste of hedonism, glimpses of a vibrant and bright future, is what I want this piece to carry out in its natural appearance. 

"A New Beginning" is out now. You can listen and download it right here, or go and follow my artist profile on Spotify for even more tracks.