25Boy by Ares Feat. Afinger and Beatjuicer

Watch the full music video at the end of this article.

As a beatmaker, beat-making can end in various places in the world. A few years back, a hip-hop group from China requested an exclusive beat from my catalog. After writing back and forth, they bought a trap-inspired beat from my Beatstars powered platform. 

I didn't hear anything from the band for a long time until recently when I came across the track on Youtube. The release is by Ares Feat. Afinger, and it's incredible to see the beat come to life in a very unusual way for me. I typically deliver music that Artists are performing in English. So it's outstanding to watch and feel the energy from these guys, and while rapping in Chinese, this track grabs you as it should just by the vibe and performance alone.  

I think the video is fun and cool to watch, and it's pretty apparent that these guys are taking their careers pretty seriously. I don't know that much about the hip-hop culture in China, but it must be a biggie as these guys continue to release music with a wide variety. 

I'm curious to see where this takes the project, and I wish the guys all the best with their future endeavors.