From Jam to Spotify

Friend, it's time for some new music. 

I have been on the chillout and Lofi wave for some time. A few new songs are finally getting released to the broad universe of Streaming. 

"Chilled out on a Cloudy Thursday": 
Yes, the weather was dodgy that day. I was also suffering from writer's block and didn't feel in "the Zone" at all. But playing around with new production techniques can often lead to great music in a heartbeat. 

This song also started like that. A generic idea came to life by jamming around a few new production concepts in my main DAW Cubase Pro 11. 
A chopped-up beat fills up the rhythm section with a jazzy Lofi vibe. The bassline was added as the driving force together with the easily recognizable filtered synth riff. 

After that session, it just sat on the computer doing nothing but teasing my and good friend's ears occasionally. 

I decided to break with the paradigm that shelved ideas stays as ideas and began working with the track after a few years of "just sitting there".  

I thought the initial jazz loop lacked some low-end and added a soft 808 to drive the pulse throughout the tune. Building up a chilled-out synth ensemble around it just gave it some extra juice. With some lush melodies, the song turned from a generic idea to a full-fledged laidback tune. 

"Chilled out on a Cloudy Thursday" is a part of my Beatify concept "Summersome". Feel free to take a listen on the music page or find it on all major streaming platforms. The tune is OUT NOW