Hello Silkeborg - adios west coast

I'm happy that Im back in the city of my vibrant teenage years.

After nearly 2 years of moving around, living in 3 different flats I'm finally back where my musical journey all started. Silkeborg is a beautiful city located in the middle of the mainland. In this city my first steps into professional music production arose, a magical place surrounded by lakes and a massive amount of wonderful nature.

Finally I can say with confidence "Im home".

Getting back to the place where a wast amount of my projects came to life. Psygone, Cometz, DJ Trunkin and many more are all created in this area. Great memories from a teenage era heavily influenced by the pioneers of electronic music like Depeche Mode and Frankie goes to Hollywood. It was also here I sold my beautiful shiny blue TAMA drumset for a cheap sounding drum machine and a small keyboard with minikeys and build in speakers. This new duo opened a whole new world of possibilities musically. Instead of banging drums to my heart's content every day, I started writing small melodies, which almost a decade later became popular songs all over the world.

My personal journey started here, and Im stoked to be back, being part of a city in rapid development.