1. My Cuz G

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"My Cuz G" by Beatjuicer, Thats what you get when messing with tons of horse power in the fast lane. This is a Migos type beat, with a aggressive bite to it. A killer track for the rap artists thats looking for a Migos type beat heavily influenced by the Atlanta Trap scene but with twist and turns.
Buy beats in the best quality and with instant delivery. I am an independant producer and songwriter from Europe, producing electronic beats back since 1991. In a world where new genres pops out all the time, my sound aims at blending genres.

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Are you looking for trap or a "trap beat" in the style of Gucci Mane or Migos, maybe straight hiphop instrumentals like a "travis scott type beat", or in the direction of Nicki Minaj, 808 mafia or Future - all instrumentals with an Urban vibe