Noble Dan is coming on strong with Fade

It’s been a long road with Fade, an originally written song in 2016. The song features the young and talented Giorgia Mel, who was 15 at the first recording. Fade was produced initially by Elias Jamous and mixed and mastered by Beatjucier

Noble Dan explains why the song finally faces daylight in his own words.

The song was created but had no real direction, so it was more or less shelved and only performed once. Then five years fast forward, Michall Ellenhart (AKA Beatjucier) pulled the track back out of the archive and felt that it was too good to go unheard. Michall then suggested releasing it on Grazehopp Music but with a contemporary and fresh production to make it more current! We also had Giorgia re-record her vocals which sound magical. 

Fade came about when I felt that I wanted to show not only a style in myself that the fans have not heard but of what I’ve not seen from myself. I wanted to express myself not restricted to a modern sound and flow but more of a vibe. 

Fade is about Noble Dan sticking to his craft and not holding back. The track title represents Noble Dan not fading away and keeping relevant and consistent, and not holding back mentally or how he wants to express himself musically. Giorgia brings the track alive with her somewhat innocent and refreshing vocals to commercialize the song's sound, which has a reggae stroke RnB influence.

Noble Dan is coming on strong with this new 2021 single, "Fade."

"Fade" is released on Grazehopp Music on 05.03.21

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