Psygone, a Danish artist immersed in the realm of Goa and psychedelic trance.

Psygone single release Flying Gecko on Grazehopp Music

The story so far ...

Drawing inspiration from influential acts like Astral Projection, X-dream, Miranda, and Man With No Name, Psygone brings a unique blend of Goa and trance to the scene, infused with a contemporary twist. 

The project was founded in 1994 by Michall Ellenhart and Robert Christensen. Initially inspired by the German trance scene, Psygone aimed to produce vibrant music, a hybrid of melodic trance and acid. While performing at various venues across Denmark, they sought a record deal without success. In 1995, Robert left Psygone, and Michall Ellenhart continued to work on the project, dedicated to refining and enhancing its sound. 

In 1996, Jan Bachmann joined Psygone, infusing the collective with positive energy and fostering a harmonious environment. Together, they crafted a sonic experience that resonated with listeners, pushing the boundaries of the genre. However, despite Jan's contributions, it's important to note that Michall Ellenhart remained the sole composer for Psygone, crafting the music that defined their unique sound. 

In 1997, Psygone released his first album, "Optimystique," which mesmerized audiences with its ethereal charm. A year later, Psygone completed the follow-up album, "Organique," although it was never released as a standalone album, instead finding its way onto various compilations. However, Psygone's dedicated fanbase eagerly requested the full-length release of "Organique." Their patience was rewarded when Grazehopp Music recognized the album's brilliance and decided to release it in its entirety. The long-awaited moment arrived, allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully in the captivating sonic journey of "Organique." One of the popular tracks from the album is "Kashmir," a composition that found its inspiration from a former girlfriend's horse. 

Psygone has graced the stages of festivals and Goa events in Denmark, sharing the limelight with renowned artists like Pascal F.E.O.S., Der Dritte Raum, Armitage Shanks, Tom Wax, and many more. Their performances captivated audiences, immersing them in the intricate tapestry of the vibrant sound crafted by Michall Ellenhart, the musical creative mind behind Psygone.