Artist feature on the Crypto platform Beatify

I got featured as an artist, with my track Suddenly.

Suddenly is a laidback tune with a positive summer vibe, and came to life while playing with the Maschine hardware unit. The direction was an instrumental track with a chill-out feel. The track is mainly composed inside Maschine 2 and mixed in Cubase Pro using a minimum of plugins. 

Beatify is one of the world's first fair-trade streaming platforms. 
Their mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving original artists an open and fair trade of their art and billions of inspired people the opportunity to enjoy and contribute. 

Several months ago, I signed up with the platform Beatify with my alter ego Ellenhart. In today's streaming battle where most artists are drowning because conventional streaming services fail to promote the vast majority, it's great to see innovations come to life. 

Beatify is one of the first movers in this type of service. Everything is deeply integrated with the blockchain and cryptocurrency. To a long story short, that means more funds to the creator and clarity all the way thru. 

Does this have an impact on my personal life or professional for that matter? Not really as things are right now, but being on this wave right from the beginning, will mean everything in the future.  

I think as soon as the giants like Spotify, Google, and Apple turn to this, everything will be more transparent when it comes to handling royalties. Labels will not only be a realm of the past - if they don't adapt, but they will also suffer from artist deficiency, as most would be able to take care of their career. 

The main challenge in the industry today is the chance to be heard outside the normal network, because of the massive amount of new music coming out almost every day. Finding a niche in today's electronic scene can be a struggle. 

I signed up to Beatify because I like the idea of giving more back to the people behind the music in a more contemporary manner, whilst being on a newly developed platform that pushes new talents to the front.

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