Psygone releasing songs from 1994

"Selected Works" represents a couple of unreleased tracks found on old Psygone DAT tapes. These tracks are anything but final polished and shiny new mixes. These pieces are the original working demo's from before the release of the debut album Optimystique. 

I'm sure that some of you will recognize the upcoming material. The tracks have been presented on various sites when myspace was still a thing. The first release as Selected Works 1994 is a single release called "San Marino". The track was released on 21.11.21 on all major platforms. 

Also in 1994 "Zabethi" was created solely as a performance track.   
We have gigged with the track at festivals, clubs, and Goa parties. But I  never thought about releasing Zabethi, as it already served a purpose out there amongst the crowd. The track is energetic, melodic, and perfect for the floor. Both tracks are different sounding than a typical Psygone track, as they were composed in 1994. 

I'm happy to share the uplifting vibe of 94 with you and hope that you'll enjoy the journey back to 1994, the year when "Selected Works" was composed.

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