Flying Gecko, a new Psygone release

"Flying Gecko" a single passionately requested by fans, took shape as an initial idea back in 2012. After lying dormant for several years, Psygone revived "Flying Gecko" in 2023. With Psygone's touch, uplifting melodies, and infectious rhythm, this long-awaited release promises to captivate listeners, taking them on an exhilarating musical journey.

The Flying Gecko is a fascinating creature, unlike any known species on Earth. It possesses a mesmerizing appearance that captures the imagination. Standing about a foot tall, it has a slender body covered in smooth, iridescent scales that shift in colour depending on its mood or environment. Its vibrant hues range from deep blues and purples to brilliant greens and yellows, creating an otherworldly display of beauty.

The gecko's eyes are large and expressive, with mesmerizing irises that seem to hold the secrets of distant galaxies. They glow softly, emitting a gentle light that adds to their mystique. Its limbs are long and graceful limbs allowing it to move with incredible agility and precision. Each foot is adorned with intricate, translucent toe pads, enabling it to cling effortlessly to various surfaces, defying the laws of gravity.

The gecko's head features a triangular shape with a slender snout and a small, flickering tongue that samples the air, sensing its surroundings. It has a row of delicate, needle-like teeth designed to capture its alien prey. Despite its fearsome appearance, the gecko exudes an aura of tranquillity and warmth, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity.

While the gecko may appear alien and unfamiliar, its actions reveal a nature filled with love and happiness. It interacts with its environment and the beings around it peacefully and gently, spreading a contagious aura of positivity. Its movements are fluid, almost dance-like, as it navigates through its surroundings, leaving a trail of joy and contentment in its wake.

The alien gecko's presence is a reminder of the infinite wonders that exist beyond our world, and its enchanting demeanour captures the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness it. Its arrival brings a touch of the extraordinary to the ordinary, inspiring a sense of awe and reminding humanity of the vast possibilities beyond Earth's confines.


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