Ellenhart - Spasm, behind the track

My next single “Spasm” is out now. This is my story about the Artwork and the Music itself.

If you wanna listen to "Spasm", this is the link to your favorite streaming platform!

A dried-out Wasteland! An obsolete robot wanders, a relic from a time when technology flourished. Its steel limbs show signs of wear, and its circuits hum faintly beneath rusted armour. Driven by an almost human curiosity, it roams through the wasteland, a landscape marked by abandoned cities and lost dreams. Its mission, deeply programmed into its silicon brain, is to search for life, a glimpse of green among the grey stones, a sign of nature reclaiming its right. Each creaking movement is a step in the hope of finding what once was, and perhaps, just perhaps, rediscovering a world once teeming with life.

The creation of "Spasm" started with an 808 sequence, not just setting the tone, but encapsulating a sense of raw, unfiltered energy. This 808, known for its deep and resonant bass, was meticulously programmed to create a pulsating, almost physically tangible foundation. It was this bass that formed the backbone of the track, an unmistakable signature that appealed to both body and mind.

As the inspiration from the Synthwave genre began to flow, the soundscape was transformed. Synthwave, with its roots firmly planted in the aesthetics of the '80s, brought a nostalgic yet refreshing element to the track. Bright, dreamy synthesizers wove in and out of the 808 bass line, contrasting the modern and the retro. This fusion of sounds reflected a bridge between past and present, giving "Spasm" a timeless quality.

The introduction of the TB 303 was a turning point in the track's development. This iconic machine, known for its sharp, acidic sound, was used as an instrument and a narrative element. The TB 303's distinctive sound added a wild, almost unpredictable energy that cut through the mix, setting its unique stamp on the track.

The result is a track that is not just a collection of sounds, but a story told through rhythms and melodies. "Spasm" is a journey through different eras and styles, a fusion of the old and the new, and a testament to the constant evolution in music production.

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